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Failure to Communicate

Warning: Rant ahead.

Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) has lost his sense of direction.  The Crypt blog at The Politico quotes him after the passage of the Senate bailout bill as saying, We sent a message to America, all Americans, that we will not let this economy fail,” He went on to say the bill “…will help stabilize the economy and helps people on those little side streets across America…”

I think the Senator missed the point this week.  America sent a message to Washington.  He is the elected one, we are the electors.  He doesn’t send us “people on the little side streets” messages.  We do the message sending.  If he wants to help me then repeal the income tax, let me keep what’s mine and leave me alone.  Don’t pass a bill that’s going to leave my kids and their kids in finacial dire straits and tell me you’ve fixed the economy.  That’s a crock and I’m not buying.


Reid has received over $1 million in PAC money this year.  The biggest chunk from the finance industry.  Do you think he’s concerned about the people on the little streets or on Wall Street?


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One Response

  1. Tom Abbott says:

    That’s the scary thing about this whole thing, what are we doing to our children’s future?


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