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Fiat Money and Family Values

The podcast of the day at Lew Rockwell’s is an interview with Jörg Guido Hülsmann on fiat money. Dr. Hülsmann delves into the moral hazards and immorality of a fiat currency.

A few years ago he wrote an excellent article on fiat currency and how it affects our culture and spiritual life. He shows that, not only is a fiat currency and the inflation that goes with it bad for business, it also attacks on many different fronts and “…assuredly destroys the family, thus suffocating the earthly flame of Christian morals.”


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  1. says:

    […] Fiat Money and Family Values […]

  2. says:

    […] Fiat Money and Family Values […]

  3. Brent Railey says:

    I think socialism in general destroys the family unit, starting with the currency, in one primary way: The role of provider, traditionally filled by the father, becomes obsolete because it is replaced by government, and this could be why you see marriage rates dwindling in countries that embrace socialism, and why you see a high rate of single motherhood among those dependent on welfare…

    …hence the hypocrisy of those in government chastising deadbeat fathers…

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