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Put a Fork in Him – He’s Done

The GOP has lost it. I received in the mail today an ad for McCain-Palin. It was paid for by the GOP and if it didn’t say so I would have sworn it was paid for by Obama.  Some excerpts:

  • In targeting big oil, Palin ‘governed from the center’
  • As governor, she has aligned with Democrats to tax the oil industry.
  • [The duo]…will work with Democrats and Republicans for sensible solutions to the problems facing American families.
  • …push for advances in stem cell research.
  • …Palin went after big oil companies and won

And the crème de le crème, on the outside above the address box their “Solutions for our Families” in bullet points:

  • Increase funding for stem cell research
  • Address climate change
  • Fight wasteful spending

Are they serious?  “Fight wasteful spending” after boasting they’ll spend on stem cell research and addressing climate change?  Spending on any research is unconstitutional; to do so for embryonic stem cell research under cover of the generic phrase of “stem cell” research smacks of duplicity and pandering.

I find especially repugnant the use of Palin’s “status” as a parent of a special needs child to lend credence to embryonic stem cell research.  We have our own medical challenges in our family.  Killing babies to find a cure though is not an option we’re interested in.

How is any of this differnet from Obama in principle?  Again, the GOP has lost it.


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