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Perils of Pragmatism II

Vox Day indulges in a bit of “I told you so” as he makes the case for choosing to not choose.

As I have repeatedly warned since 2003, pragmatic and unprincipled politics have destroyed the Republican brand, prevented the party from implementing any of its platform when in power and now promise to lead to a Democratic supermajority. To blame for this are many of the very individuals who will be vehemently urging you to vote for John McCain to stop the abominable Obama. And Obama is abominable, but the fact is that his presidency will be very little different than a McCain presidency. Even the one difference that is often cited is implausible, as it is simply impossible to imagine the Senate’s former Mr. Congeniality battling a Democratic House and Democratic Senate to the death in defense of conservative, Constitution-respecting judges.

Ron Paul was persona non grata during the primaries.  Too bad.  He was the only one that had a sense of what was ahead.

The time to save the republic was during the Republican nomination, when the only candidate who understood the financial dangers it faces was still in the running. But a party so foolish as to reject a Ron Paul in favor of a John McCain neither understands the real issues at stake nor does it merit the support of conservatives, constitutionalists or libertarians.


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