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Homeschool, Health and Leviathan

From USATODAY we learn that the homeschool ranks are growing; now because of Leviathan’s attempt to take control healthcare parents give their children.

Now, I’m not a doctor or scientist, not even the sharpest tack in the box, but…

Of the infected, 91% were unvaccinated, most because of “philosophical or religious beliefs,” the CDC said.

Is this a surprise? Wouldn’t you expect most of the infections to be among those not vaccinated? I’m surprised it’s not closer to 100%.

Home-schooled children accounted for 25 out of 30 cases in an outbreak of measles in suburban Chicago in May, according to the CDC.

But how many of those were unvaccinated?

In Grant County in Washington, public health officials tied 11 of 19 measles cases to unvaccinated home-schooled children.

So that means that the other 42% were what? Vaccinated children? Adults? What?

Lance Rodewald, director of the CDC’s Immunization Services Division, says the measles outbreaks show a problem with state policies allowing home-schooled children to escape vaccines. [Emphasis mine]

So they admit that these policies are coercive.

Some fear that by allowing parents more choice, pockets of unvaccinated children will be created, spawning more outbreaks. [Emphasis mine]

Allowing parents choice? If parents are allowed choice, does that not presuppose that the children belong to the state?

“Unvaccinated children pose not only a risk to themselves, but to their families, other children they come in contact with and especially older people they might visit or encounter in a movie theater or mall,” he says.

If the vaccines work, wouldn’t those not vaccinated be the only ones at risk? And, if so, wouldn’t those unvaccinated and at risk have already considered that risk and accepted it? If the vaccines are as effective as we are supposed to believe, wouldn’t those vaccinated have nothing to fear?

Tracking outbreaks down to the neighborhood level shows a high correlation between the disease and families who have filed exemptions to escape vaccinations, Rodewald says.


The Department of Education estimated in 2003 that more than 1 million children were home-schooled, and home-schooling groups such as the National Home Education Research Institute say the number has grown to around 2 million.

If present trends continue, I think the day will come when numbers force Leviathan to take notice and attempt to put an end to homeschooling.  This many families teaching their children to think for themselves and to question Leviathan puts Leviathan’s very existence at risk.


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