Liberty vs. Leviathan

Chronicling Liberty's battle against Leviathan

Paul’s Call

Ron Paul flips on its head the question of the day for the GOP

… many are asking: What is the future of the Republican Party? But that is the wrong question. The proper question should be: Where is our country heading?

laments the change…

… the change offered was no change at all, only a change in the engineer of a runaway train.

warns (as he always has) of what’s to come…

…Today though, time moves more quickly. Opportunities will arise. The one thing for certain is that in the next four years we will not see the Republic restored. Instead the need for it will be greater than ever…

To ignore the political struggle and only “hope for the best” is pure folly. The march toward a dictatorial powerful state is now in double time.

and calls on lovers of liberty to save the republic…

…Opportunity abounds for anyone who can present the case for common sense in fiscal affairs, for protection of civil liberties here at home, and avoiding the senseless foreign entanglements which have bogged us down for decades and contributed so significantly to our fiscal and budgetary crisis…

…All those who care — and especially those who understand the stakes involved — have an ominous responsibility to energetically get involved in the battle of survival for a free and prosperous America.


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