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Big Brother is watching you

The BBC reports of the implementation of a national network of cameras and computers being used to log and track automobile license plate numbers. Authorities insist that “innocent people have nothing to fear from the way we use it.”

One innocent man disagrees however:

John Catt found himself on the wrong side of the ANPR system. He regularly attends anti-war demonstrations outside a factory in Brighton, his home town.

It was at one of these protests that Sussex police put a “marker” on his car. That meant he was added to a “hotlist”.

This is a system meant for criminals but John Catt has not been convicted of anything and on a trip to London, the pensioner found himself pulled over by an anti-terror unit.

“I was threatened under the Terrorist Act. I had to answer every question they put to me, and if there were any questions I would refuse to answer, I would be arrested. I thought to myself, what kind of world are we living in?”

Big Brother is active in the states too.  Recently the Chicago Tribune reported of a Wisconsin court ruling allowing Wisconsin police to attach GPS devices to anyone’s vehicle without a warrant.

And locally, Michigan is in the midst of its “Click it or Ticket” and “Buckle Up or Pay Up” campaign.  Extra patrols are out patrolling “enforcement zones” to ensure compliance with seat belt laws.  Make no mistake, they’ll be watching you.  “One officer will serve as a spotter who will radio unbelted motorist information to nearby marked patrol cars or motorcycles that will pull over offending motorists.”  The effort is financed by the federal government.


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2 Responses

  1. Greg says:

    The thing that scares (and bothers) me the most is not that thugs and tyrants want to do these things to us. That is normal, just like a lion wants to eat its prey, one should expect nothing else.

    What bothers me is that the prey (the formerly free people) have concluded that this is an acceptable state of affairs.

  2. […] Wisconsin seems to be a leader in the race for becoming a full fledged police state. Earlier this year I posted on the fact that in Wisconsin police can attach a GPS device on citizens’ cars without a warrant. […]

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