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This week Pope Benedict XVI’s much anticipated social encyclical Caritas in Veritate arrived.  Your blogger has started it but is nowhere near completing it so I’ll refrain from commenting on it specifically.  It’s not a quick read.

As would be expected there’s much commentary on it on the web this week, Google will give you the mainstream media, The Western Confucian has a nice compilation of Catholic media articles, the Acton Institute has a page devoted to it and The Distributist Review has some thoughts (I especially like the pdf format of the letter The DR created).

I thought today though that I’d offer an alternative to the print reviews.  What follows are archives from a daily show, Kresta in the Afternoon, hosted on a local Catholic radio station.   One of the attractive aspects of this show is the depth of conversation and the lack of sound bites.  The discussions are from the past week and feature men who are serious about their faith, committed to Truth and are seeking to understand and apply the lessons to be gleaned from an earnest study of the letter in the context of their Catholic faith.

On Tuesday, July 7, Kevin Schmeising and Harry Veryser were interviewed. Dr. Schmeising is a research fellow at the Acton Institute and Executive Director of  He discusses the human developement and progress aspects of the encylical.  Dr. Veryser is Professor of Economics and Director of the University of Detroit Mercy Graduate Program in Economics at Macomb University Center.  Dr. Veryser discussed the encyclical in a much different context from most and is well worth listening to.  You can hear Dr. Schmeising at 9:15 of the following link.  Dr. Veryser is at 25:45.

Kevin Schmeising of the Acton Institute and Dr. Harry Veryser of University of Detroit Mercy

On Wednesday, July 8, Kresta spoke with Samuel Gregg of the Acton Institute.  Dr. Gregg is Acton’s Director of Research.  Kresta’s worthwhile commentary begins at 7:15 of the following link and Dr. Gregg’s discussion is at 18:10 where Kresta starts the conversation with the question, “Is this encyclical leftist?”.

Samuel Gregg of the Acton Institute

And finally, Frank Hanna, CEO of Hanna Capital LLC points out that “…what [the pope is] really concerned about is our souls.”  Advance to 40:00 of this link to hear Kresta’s discussion with Hanna.

Frank Hanna on Caritas in Veritate


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  1. Pete Eyre says:

    Wow. Unfortunately that quote is spot-on.

    Keep spreading the word.


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