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“Same kind of folks”

John D Dingell Drive through the middle of Detroit Metropolitan Airport

Fox 2 News caught up with the lady wanting to know from Rep. John Dingell’s (D) if money for the healthcare bill will come out of her paycheck.  Her concern is understandable as her situation is less than enviable.  There’s another point in the coverage, or lack of, however, that bears discussion.  It’s to the point again of Dingell’s attitude towards anyone who disagrees with the proposed “reform”.  Notice how neither the reporter from nor the Fox news reporter had anything to say about this.

If you watch the video to 1:25 you’ll see Brad Edwards ask the following question:  “You haven’t faced that type of vitriol since the civil rights movement when you faced off with some white supremists and racists?”

Dingell’s reply: “Yep, this is…it’s been awhile but I learned it back then.  Same kind of folks doing it.”

So there you have it.  If you disagree with “reform”.  If you speak out or shout out at a town hall because you’re not being recognized then you’re the moral equivalent of  a racist.

Which is it?  Are these people pawns of GOP interest groups or racists?  Maybe they’re just concerned citizens who are fed up?


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  1. jmchugh4u says:

    Good catch. This needs to get into the public consciousness.

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