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Sound familiar?

A couple of years ago while doing research for a paper I had the good fortune of coming across the transcript of a radio speech made by then Senator Carter Glass given to refute what he claimed were false statements made by President Hoover on the campaign trail of 1932.  In this speech, Glass explained what he thought were the “…predominant causes of the prevailing depression”, critiqued the remedies put forth by the Hoover administration and answered the charges of Hoover against the Democrats.

Here’s a short excerpt from his introductory remarks.  This “conservative” Democrat from Virginia, certainly did not see Hoover as the “do-nothing” president.

…at the expense of the taxpayers, President Hoover has converted the Treasury at Washington into a national pawn-shop and infected the central government with the fatal germ of financial socialism. All semblance of state initiative and community pride has been extinguished, and the minions of Federal bureaucracy are given full sway to distribute huge sums of money picked from the pockets of the American People. Instead of being the servant and instrument of the people, with certain delegated powers, the Washington government has been made the creditor and overlord of the States, with power to coerce and subjugate these sub-divisions of the nation at the will of the party in power whenever pay-day approaches or an election needs to be won.


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  1. Great post and spot on. Hoover was anything but a conservative when it came to the economy — he believed in massive government regulation in order to counter the Depression. Of course, that only made things worse…If anything, FDR ran to the right of Hoover when it came to the economy. He certainly didn’t govern to the right of Hoover, of course (which is one of the reasons why Al Smith eventually broke with FDR), but in 1932 it was pretty clearly understood that Hoover was a statist.

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