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One of my favorite blogs, The Western Confucian, has relocated both geographically and virtually.  His new address is The Pittsford Perennialist.


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Recent Updates

Some new additions to the blogroll:

Josh Fulton blogs from NC at I have a title for this, offering “…daily news updates from a libertarian bent.”

Mark in Spokane blogs “…on law and culture as seen from Spokane, Washington” at his eponymous blog Mark in Spokane Libertas et Memoria.

La Nueva Escuela de Salamanca which is “…dedicated to the Jesuit Scholastics of the School of Salamanca who helped lay the foundation of free-market economics…”

Update: My apologies to Mark in Spokane.  He blogs at Libertas et Memoria

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Christian libertarian Blog Carnival

The Holy Cause has just released the September edition of the Christian libertarian Blog Carnival.  Be sure to stroll the midway and consider the thoughts and reasoning of each contributor as issues of the day are examined from a Christian libertarian perspective.  As always, they’re excellent.

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Christian libertarian Blog Carnival – Aug 2009 Edition

Welcome to the August 2009 edition of the Christian libertarian Blog Carnival!

This month we have twelve submissions from regular contributors and new contributors as well.  All contributions are worth your time but I want to bring special attention to two in particular this month.

It has been my experience that much misunderstanding can arise in conversations when one professes to hold pro-life and libertarian views simultaneously.  The assumption often seems to be that if you lean libertarian then your commitment to life is not as strong as your commitment to economics or liberty.  Dave Jones at Southern Bread and Vox Day at Vox Popoli address this matter from two different perspectives.  In the first case Dave challenges a line of reasoning that is based on the premise that the baby is a trespasser in the womb.  Vox Day makes the case that supporting life and opposing abortion is the only logical position a libertarian could take.  Both are valuable contributions to the discussion.  (A warm “thank you” to Vox Day for allowing me to include his post in the carnival.)

So, without further delay…


Dave Jones presents Walter Block’s Libertarian Abortion Oddity posted at Southern Bread.  Dave writes:

It was with some trepidation that I recently downloaded and listened to an mp3 called, simply, “Abortion” by Walter Block.  I had been perusing’s media archive and stumbled upon it, so I went ahead and gave it a shot.  I pride myself on not shying away from any argument so I have to make myself put my money where my mouth is sometimes.  Well, let’s just say it was bizarre.



Gavin R. Putland presents Democracy as we know it makes cronyism inevitable posted at The Putland Tribune.  From “down under” Gavin writes:

Contrary to Peter Costello’s latest pontifications in the Fairfax press, sticking to “broad policy” that “applies equally to people of like circumstances” does not prevent cronyism in government, but merely ensures that the legislators will be bought and blackmailed on larger issues by larger coalitions of interests. And on Costello’s watch as Treasurer of the Commonwealth of Australia, the winning coalitions had to be big.



Greg Heller presents The Weapons of the Next American Revolution posted at The Holy Cause.  Greg writes:

I am hesitant to make predictions, as my predictions are often significantly premature or just plain wrong.  But I hope that there is truly a sustainable change taking place, as Gerald indicates.  He mentions the Tenth Amendment resolutions which are gaining ground in many states, the town hall protests, the tea parties, etc.  I agree, but more than that I see people just becoming more receptive to the ideas of liberty.



Isaac Morehouse presents Christianity and Freedom posted at his eponymous blog Isaac M. Morehouse.  Isaac writes:

Is there a dichotomy between law and love?
After reading an article I wrote (Palm Sunday and Politics), a friend of mine told me he thought I espoused a sort of dualistic view of Christian life.  As if Christ came only to preach a spiritual transformation as something entirely separate from physical life.



Mikkal Travvis presents Fascism On The Farm: H.R. 2749 – The Food Safety Enhancement Act of 2009 posted at The Truth.  Mikkal writes:

On July 30th, the U.S. House of Representatives passed H.R. 2749 – The Food Safety Enhancement Act of 2009. This bill, the centerpiece of big agriculture’s war on organic farming in the United States, gives the U.S. government such unprecedented control over independent and organic farmers that some are calling this proposed law “fascism on the farm”.



Nellis Lake presents Judges—A Christian anarchist Bible study posted at Christian and State.  Nellis writes:

The Bible records a time after Moses and then Joshua and before Israel forsook Theocracy for Monarchy: The period of the judges. Christians commonly view the period as one of darkness, chaos, and anarchy. The last verse in the Book of Judges duly notes that “In those days there was no king in Israel: every man did that which was right in his own eyes” (Judges 21:25). Some have taken this as a divine criticism of the period. Somehow, they think that in the Bible God must be speaking of the organization of His people during that time as being deficient. However, it would be well for many of us to reconsider the notion —and especially not to move too fast through Judges chapter two!



Norman Horn presents Universal Health Care is the new Post Office posted at  Norman writes:

Cash for Clunkers made no sense whatsoever.

The Climate-Change Bill was just moronic.

Universal Health Care, though, is going to be the new Post Office — and Obama even has admitted it! Face-palm yourselves right now, folks, and then let this video smash every last ounce of faith you have in government-sponsored anything.



Rod McKenzie presents Political Authority posted at Blessed Economist.  Rod writes:

Romans 13 has been twisted to make the claim that God has delegated to human governments the authority to make laws and force people to obey them. The claim is made that God assigned this delegated authority to bring order to a sinful world, but this claim is not true. God has already given his laws to the world, so he has no reason to give human governments the authority to make laws. His law was given to maintain order in society (1 Tim 1:8-9), so there is no need for human political power to establish order.



Rowman presents The good of the draft? posted at Liberty vs. Leviathan.  Rowman writes:

Recently someone asked me for my opinion on a matter. That someone would actually do so left me both stunned and honored. They wanted my advice on joining the military. Thankfully, this person, let’s call him Joe, is in no hurry so I have time to collect and organize my thoughts and put them in writing. This little bit today is part of my initial thinking.



Scott Ritsema presents Power and Immorality are now Noble: The Worship of Dead Statist Saints posted at CIVICS NEWS.  Scott writes:

If it weren’t for the mainstream media and statist academia, the death of Ted Kennedy would not have become the worship of Ted Kennedy. Only in the twisted worldview of those state-worshipping entities, would power be noble and immorality be over-looked.



Trent Cotton presents Hello-I Am a Slave posted at Christian Men-Christian Warriors.  Trent writes:

In my day to day job, I live for the introduction.  There is much in an introduction.  Think about it for a minute.  In someone’s introduction, you could easily determine the following (even if it were over the phone):



Vox Day presents Mailvox : abortion and libertarianism posted at Vox Popoli.  Vox writes:

RC wonders about the potential use of force to prevent abortion:
For years, I thought criminalizing abortion was consistent with libertarian principle. I can no longer see how…



That concludes this edition of The Christian libertarian Blog Carnival. Please submit your blog articles (up to two articles per author) to the next edition of Carnival using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

Any of the Carnival participants are invited to host the next Carnival.  Just send The Holy Cause an email if you wish to host.

The next submission date for the September Carnival will be September 30, with publication scheduled on or before October 7.

Please help get the word out, so that the next Carnival can be an equal success!

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Christian Libertarian Blog Carnival


Don’t forget the Christian Libertarian Blog Carnival is fast approaching.  We’re looking for a recent post of yours that presents your thoughts from a Christian, libertarian perspective.  To get an idea of how this works you can review the original introductory post at The Holy Cause and take a look at the past carnivals here, here and here.  You can send your submissions by email to me here, use the submissions form at or the submission widget found on the right sidebar at The Holy Cause.  Deadline for submission is August 31.  The targeted publishing date is September 7.

We’re also looking for a new host.  Please let me know if you’d like to volunteer to host the next carnival.  I’ll provide the dates when I publish the upcoming carnival.

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