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Baseball Bailout

From the Wall Street Journal a plea to overrule the outcome ends with this:

Little kids with a lifetime of baseball ahead of them are asking their fathers to explain why it has to be this way.

The answer is simple, especially for fathers teaching life lessons to their kids.  “Because that’s the way the game is played.  The ump called it, you go with the call and move on.”

Rather than pleading for a reversal of the call or issuing proclamations we’d do better to focus on the two men with the most at stake and how they handled the situation and each other.


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Getting back in the swing

Springtime, baseball and work have kept me from getting back to blogging regularly since Easter.  I’m gonna have to work it back into a new routine.  Here’s just a couple of thoughts on recent news items.

From AP:

President Barack Obama said Thursday he’s amused by the anti-tax tea party protests that have been taking place around Tax Day.

Obama told a fundraiser in Miami that he’s cut taxes, contrary to the claims of protesters.

“You would think they’d be saying thank you,” he said.

“Amused”?  “Thank you”?  Since when do you thank a thief for leaving you some of your money?  This statement belies the arrogance and paternalism that is this government.  Clearly, he thinks we are serfs.

Item two:  Does the fact that my sons have to show their birth certificates to baseball league officials make those officials little league “birthers”?

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Boys of Summer

There’s been little time for blogging lately.  Life’s been busy with a new job, graduation parties and my favorite – watching my boys play baseball.  Here’s a review by Charley Reese of one of my favorite baseball books and a little fun from the boys of summer.

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