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“…maximum hour of danger.”

This is a most excellent speech.  The Judge clearly demonstrates the wisdom of governing by principle and Law rather than power and Man and offers an exhortation for all patriots to return to the Constitution and defend Freedom “…in its maximum hour of danger.”

“Assaults by fanatics on our safety does not justify assaults by the government on our freedom!”

Share it with your children, family, friends and neighbors.  If you only have time for one piece watch Part 3.


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Ministry of Propaganda aka MSNBC

In Racism is the Left’s Trump Card, The Holy Cause has excellent coverage of recent propaganda broadcast by MSNBC.  This is nothing less than outright deceit.  It is a lie.  And it comes from a major news venue owned by one of the biggest corporations in the world.  I saw the original coverage of the man with the rifle and in this case CNN gets it right.  The man was not a white male as  MSNBC leads viewers to believe.  Brent Bozell get’s it right: “This was a deliberate effort to brand conservatives as racists – and now as violent racists.”  And not only conservatives, but anyone who disagrees with the present administration.

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Motorhome Diaries @ the border

Careful if you make a wrong turn in Detroit. Here’s an audio version of what the MHD went through with the Canadian authorities.  (A record of their encounter with US authorities was deleted by said authorities.)  The Canadians’ worry about having their badge numbers recorded seems unnecessary.  When citizens express concern about the omnipresence of observation isn’t the response from the rulers always along the lines that if you’re not doing anything wrong you have nothing to worry about?

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Handgun Owner Saves Lives

My hunch is that if the 11 victims had been killed by the intruders this story would be all over the mainstream media. (Video)  They weren’t though.  One person, unfortunately, was caught in the crossfire; otherwise, due to the heroics of a gunowner, no one but one of the perpetrators was killed.   The question is: Does this not merit MSM coverage because none of the victims died or because the story doesn’t fit the MSM agenda of gun control?  (See here for lack of coverage at the time of this post.)

(h/t to Lew Rockwell blog)

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