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Schiff for Senate?

Over the holidays I’ve had several conversations with friends about the state of the economy and our culture. Many of the questions have been about Ron Paul – What’s next for him? Who will follow? Who else is there that thinks like him?

It’s beginning to look like Peter Schiff is one possibility. Indications are he is preparing for a run for the US Senate. If so, now is the time for patriots all across the republic to get behind his campaign.  Let’s make the most of this opportunity!

Read Tim Swanson’s interview with Schiff at  Be sure too to hear Lew Rockwell’s interviews with Schiff.  You can see my other posts on Schiff here.  And don’t miss this video – “US Economy: The Philosopher’s Stone” – from several that are on his Facebook page.


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Economic Cures

It’s been a hectic few weeks so I’m just now getting back to my daily diet of reading.   Be sure to read these from two of the most reasonable men in the MSM.

Last weekend in the WSJ James Grant asks “Is the Medicine Worse Than the Illness?” noting that “Trust itself entered a bear market in 2008…”

And today again in the WSJ, Peter Schiff asserts that “There’s No Pain-Free Cure for Recession“, spelling out in one sentence why our living standard is at risk of heading on a downward trend – “As more factors of production come under government control, the more inefficient our entire economy becomes. Inefficiency lowers productivity, stifles competitiveness and lowers living standards.”

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Schiff on Days Ahead

Don’t miss the opportunity get an idea of the road ahead. Listen to today’s podcast of Lew Rockwell’s interview of Peter SchiffHere is a video from 2006 of Schiff warning of the bursting of the bubble that we are witnessing today. You can peruse his archives for more evidence that he knows of what he speaks.

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How big? Who knew?

Goldseek is a regular stop on the web for me and Rick Ackerman is a must read. I don’t subscribe to his services so only know him through his Goldseek appearances. He’s all about making money, not about making political hay. IMO his analysis is very reliable. Today he points out the enormity of the debt problem and the futility of the bailout.

…even using very conservative numbers, we must reckon the implosionary force of the derivatives markets as being at least a 15-digit sum (i.e., $100,000,000,000,000) [100 trillion].  Stack that up against Congress’ $700 billion bailout plan and you begin to see why the mega-rescue cannot work.

And here’s one from August 2006 for those who want some “I told you so” evidence. Note the prices of the Dow, oil and gold in the upper left corner.

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